Fee Structure 2020 for Undergraduate Programmes
Admission Fee For Non-Resident Pakistani Students
(Regular / Self Finance / Self Support Students)
1 Admission fee Pakistani Students Rs. 23,600 one time
2 Registration Fee for Pakistani Student PKR 10,800 one time
3 Library Security (Refundable) PKR 3,200 one time
4 College Security (refundable) Rs. 4700 one time
5 Examination Fee PKR 3,500 Annually
6 Student I.D card Rs. 500 Annually
Other Charges for All Students
7 Tuition Fee Pakistani student PKR 15,600 Per Semester
8 Other Charges PKR 72,520 Per Semester
9 Campus security/vigilance PKR 5,300 Per Semester
10 Total PKR 139,720

Self Finance & Self Support student will pay all charges/funds other than tution fee. They will also pay Lump Sum amount of Rs. 579,000/- for Fine Arts, Design and Musicology and Rs. 730,000/- for Architecture and Film & Television against tution fee.

Admission Fee For Non- Resident Foreign Students
(Regular/Self Finance/Self Support Students)
1 Admission Fee foreign student US$ 750 One Time
2 Tuition Fee foreign student US$ 6,000 Annually
3 Registration Fee for foreign Student US$ 550 One Time
4 Library Security (Refundable) PKR 3,200 One Time
5 College Security (Refundable) PKR 4,700 One Time
6 Examination Fee PKR 3,500 Annually
7 Student I.D Card PKR 500 Annually
Other Charges for All Students
8 Other Charges PKR 72,520 Per Semester
9 Campus Security/Vigilance PKR 5,300 Per Semester
Supply of documents Regular Self Finance/ Self Support
1 Duplicate diploma Rs. 10,780
2 Duplicate degree Rs. 10,780
3 Detail Marks certificate each year Rs. 1650
4 Admission application in record Rs. 990
5 Bonafide student certificate Rs. 330
6 Transcript Record (per year) Rs. 1650
7 College ID card Rs. 500
8 Duplicate college ID card Rs. 650
9 Documents Verification Rs. 2300
Attention Film & TV Department Candidates

Rs. 50,000/- will be charged as refundable security from the students of Film & TV.
Rs. 1500/- per month shall be charged for equipment maintenance from Film & TV Students.


Tax will be charged as per FBR Policy.
Any error or omission in above could not claimed as right by the candidate and will settle at the time of deposit.